Having Multiple Roof Fall Safety Systems

25 Aug

What type of roof fall protection services does your company need? OSHA defensive rooftop as being any height of 4 feet or more. Having multiple fall protection systems for roofs are a wonderful idea. Should one safety system fail the other can take over.  Even a company whose employees rarely frequent the rooftop will want to make sure they have covered all bases to prevent workplace accidents. Every rooftop work environment is different and will have different protective needs. This is why it is important to contact an accredited safety fall protection company when securing your rooftop.

One great safety device is a safety guard rail. Safety guard rails are easy to install and don't cost a lot of money. The guardrail can be used for the rooftop, the staircases, the loading docks and any access platforms your employee's access. The guard rails can be free standing or permanent fixtures. One type of guardrail is a portable non-penetrating rooftop guardrail.

The portable non-penetrating rooftop guardrail is wonderful for large rooftops or oddly-shaped rooftops. They can be customized and set up and a way to meet your specific safety requirements. The safety guard rail will be exposed to outside weather elements every day. This is why having independent pieces can save money. If one piece of the guardrail becomes damaged it will be easy to replace the one piece without having to replace the entire guardrail structure.

Another safety option is the horizontal lifeline. Whether or not your company chooses to have a portable guardrail or permanent guardrail they should consider including this additional safety procedure as well. Having multiple safety fall protection systems in place is ideal. The horizontal lifeline is an example of a safety device that will require employee training.

The horizontal Lifeline is a cable that is attached on the rooftop by two or more anchor points. The horizontal lifeline can be permanent or temporary. You can put your horizontal lifeline in a lot of different locations. It can be at the base of the structure or somewhere in between the base and the overhead. There are multiple pieces for the horizontal lifelines. It is not working independently like a safety guard rail. The employee will need a body harness, the lifeline, training and in some cases, a lanyard can be used.

It's important to explore all of your options when protecting your rooftop. You will save your company a lot of money with the proper fall protection requirements in place. Rooftops are notoriously one of the most dangerous places for employees to work. Now you know more about how you can do your part to help keep employees safe.

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